Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IT Capital announces founding of The Naples Technology Group

Naples, FL - April 12, 2011 - IT Capital announced today the founding of The Naples Technology Group (TNTG), a research think tank and funding organization dedicated to creating a technology hub on Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.
“The think tank is identifying technology businesses that will benefit from relocating or launching a business in Southwest Florida due to its modern infrastructure, educated workforce, tax advantages and transportation network. Typically, these technology businesses focus on driving greater efficiency and effectiveness within major corporations and governments globally, have highly educated employees, and benefit from the mature recurring nature of their business,” said IT Capital Founder Aivars Lode.
One of the Naples based technology companies benefitting from TNTG is Dark Star Cloud, the first cloud computing platform that satisfies both the desire for cloud computing and the proven benefits of the mainframe culture and technology. “There are plenty of options to build departmental and Web2.0 applications in the cloud, including Amazon’s EC2, Microsoft’s Azure, Salesforce.com’s Force.com; however, each of these clouds are built on Linux or Windows.
There are still thousands of mission critical applications running on mainframe computers. These users are wedded to enterprise class mainframe technology for its proven robustness, reliability and scalability. Dark Star Cloud has bought together 50 technology professionals from around the world to participate in this initiative based out of Naples,” Lode said.
Another company Lode encouraged to move to Naples through TNTG initiatives is Best Results, a technology company formerly based in Sydney, Australia. Best Results leverages the Florida Gulf Coast University business department providing graduates to assist global corporations in maximizing profitability.
“The implementation of Best Results’ Integrated Resource Platform (IRP®) delivers unparalleled value and return on investment. It is the most significant value-generating initiative available and deployed in business operations in the last 100 years," said Best Results co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Robert McWhirter.
The Naples Technology Group is a member of the Peace to Barron Foundation, a non-governmental philanthropic organization of leading business executives dedicated to promoting the business advantages of Southwest Florida -- from Punta Gorda and the Peace River in the North, all the way down to the Barron River in the South. Rob Tholemeier, founding member of the Peace to Barron Foundation, is also a Dark Star Cloud founding member.